Rules Of the Academy

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Rules Of the Academy

Post by Nelia Kirijo on Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:33 am

All rules must be followed listen to higher ranks such as admin. mod. teachers and club leaders
read the classes and rank that area available fill out the char. bio's
dont ask to be mod or admin we will ask you headmaster is highest rank dont forget it, teachers and club leaders follow behind
weekdays and time of day will be posted and updated frequently rp according to them
follow club rules if you can't rp make sure you attend the rp class to learn how
you are allowed to leave your club just pm your club leader
you can only be in one club at a time you can be expelled from your club that doesn't mean you cant join another one
the disciplinary officers are there to make sure the rules are followed and rp'ing is fair they can have you banned if they feel it is necessary
This site it protected so if you are banned and try and make a new account the account will be banned as well remember O_O we are watching you O_O
Don't disrespect anyone
no god-mode's or divine interventions
don't be racist
dont judge ppl who like the same sex they are
Please have at last 3 rp pictures one with school uniform one casual for out of school and one fighting/dueling one (depending on if you duel or not)
sexual harassment wont be tolerated ooc rp it may be allowed if both users or more agree to it and IT IS ONLY FOR THE RP STORYLINE.
If you dont like the way we do things then get the fuck off of our site!!
Nelia Kirijo
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S.E.E.S Leader

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