What the hell?

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What the hell?

Post by Fred on Sun Jun 22, 2008 4:34 am

*Warped into mid-air inside the library* Crap... *The floating figure falls to the ground, landing on feet and bending legs* What the crap? That should hurt alot more.
*Notices the figure standing infront of me*
"Do you know who I am?"
It'd help if you didn't have the whole... hood thing
"Sorry" *he took off his cloak, and revealed a human-like figure, that had a dead face* "What plain am I on?"
Why do you ask me?
"I am the ghost form of the creature you slew that thousands hid from."
Look, I am here bec-
"You do not know why, do you?"
Well... no I don't, But I know I am not here to talk with a fellow 8th plainer.
"I will not tolerate this."
You not tolerate then!
"Gargh! Begone, Fred!"
Bloody hell.
*Suddenly a giant vortex warped me out in a teleportation*

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