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Post by Nelia Kirijo on Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:54 am

Ok everyone sorry but ive been doing some work on the site some more I see some new ppl on so if you are laura's friend who came up with this idea please (that means you to laura) go to the user groups and ask to be in the admin group. ^^ Cuz im only site designer -_- and I dont wanna play admin ^^ only do the coding for the site.

As for everyone else you had better be filling out ALL you profile information. make sure you click on your profile and generate your char. sheet and fill that out as well as your personal profile info located at the bottom of your profile preferences then fill out your char. reference bio reference.

^^ also tell me what rank you want and join a club for cerise sake and START RP'ING DAMNIT !!! ^^ thats all
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S.E.E.S Leader

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